Elevate Your Valuation and Deal Management

Our advanced, AI-enhanced CRE platform empowers investors to underwrite and manage deals more efficiently and intelligently
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Graph Display in CRE Valuation & Cash Flow Forecasting Software Showing Projected Returns
Institutional Underwriting

Quickly and accurately model developments and acquisitions across property types

Commercial Real Estate Deal Management Platform Powered by AI/ML
Data-Driven Deal Management

Manage and track deals throughout their lifecycle on a centralized platform

Online Support, Training, and Education Resources for Commercial Real Estate
Premium Support & Training

Receive immediate support for technical issues and access educational resources

Deal Management


Model Scenarios with Diverse Levels of Complexity

Dynamically underwrite different lease structures, seamlessly incorporate varying debt levels, and expertly structure joint venture arrangements

Generate Cash Flow and Valuation Reports

Produce comprehensive cash flow forecasts and detailed valuation reports, empowering you to make informed investment decisions

Optimize Decision-Making with AI

Employ AI to rapidly extract pertinent information from marketing materials, accelerating the underwriting process and enabling quicker, more informed investment decisions

Financial Modeling Tool within CRE Software Demonstrating Investment Return Analysis

Deal Management

Work on a Central, Configurable Platform

Manage deals, customize pipelines, generate reports, delegate tasks, and collaborate with your team – all within a unified platform

Automate Processes through Seamless Integration

Reduce manual data entry by integrating your deal management and valuation software, thereby ensuring your pipeline remains both accurate and current

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing advanced AWS cloud technology and AI/ML capabilities, our platform ensures swift, secure data access and enables you to extract actionable insights from your data

Deal Management Tool within CRE Software Demonstrating Deal Tracking Capabilities

Our Advantage

Icon of Comprehensive CRE Software Showcasing All-in-One Management Solutions

Underwrite deals of varying complexity with greater speed and accuracy

Icon of Integrated CRE Software with Multi-Platform Synchronization Capabilities
Fully Integrated

Automated flow of info from model to pipeline reduces manual data entry

Icon of User-Friendly Intuitive CRE Software for Efficient Real Estate Investment Management
By CRE for CRE

Directly addresses the needs of CRE professionals using an intuitive interface

AI-Powered CRE Software Icon Featuring Enhanced Valuation Analysis and Strategic Deal Management Tools
AI Powered

Leverages AI for enhanced valuation analysis and strategic deal management



Features Include

  • Valuation and Forecasting Platform
  • Detailed User Guides
  • Responsive Technical Support
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Everything in Standard +

  • Deal Management Platform
  • Hours of Video Trainings
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Everything in Professional +

  • Migration Assistance
  • In-Person Training Bootcamp
  • Priority Support
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Who are our founders?
Grant Uberstine: Co-Founder & CEO Grant Uberstine LinkedIn
Jeremy Serapio: Co-Founder & CTO Jeremy Serapio LinkedIn
What's our mission?
To revolutionize the CRE deal process with cutting-edge technology.
How can I keep in contact?
Please join our waitlist to stay updated on new developments.
Have we launched?
No, but we are launching our Beta version in the coming months.
Can you join our Beta program?
Yes, please contact us, and you can join our Beta program for free.
Will you become a better investor?
While we can't guarantee this, it's the digital equivalent of a wise owl by your side.


Connect with our Expert Technical Team

Access on-demand support for your company, connecting you with a skilled team of real estate and tech professionals

Engage with our Al Chatbot Assistant

Get instant help at your fingertips from our Al-powered assistant, facilitating a deeper understanding and smooth navigation of our valuation software

Expand Your Real Estate Knowledge

Enhance your proficiency in real estate with our comprehensive user guide and hours of engaging training materials, covering both fundamentals and advanced topics


What does your software do?


Our software provides AI-powered tools for efficient and intelligent real estate deal valuation and management.


How much does it cost?


For detailed pricing information tailored to your specific needs, please inquire via our contact us page for a personalized quote.